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Explanation of Ovarian Cyst

Explanation of Ovarian Cyst for womenOvarian cysts are benign tumor of pouch abnormal containing liquid in ovaries (ovary). The ovary is pouch-shaped cavity filled with fluid in ovarian tissue. These cysts are also known cyst functional because it formed after the egg is released during ovulation. Functional cysts will shrink after some time (after 1-3 months).
Ovarian cysts are divided into four, namely: 

A. Follicular cysts 
are Cysts that occur from normal follicles which release ovum is in it. Formed the SAC contains fluid or mucus inside the ovary. 

B. Corpus Luteum Cyst
Cyst of this type is rarer, its size is larger than a functional cyst. These cysts arise because of timing the release of the egg occurs, bleeding and long-duration could rupture and bleeding that occurred sometimes need action to address them. Complaints are usually incurred heavy pain in the pelvic cavity. 

C. Cyst Lutein
These cyst Take more infrequent and often associated with the occurrence of pregnancy outside the womb (ectopic pregnancy). These cysts will disappear on its own without treatment or pregnancy outside the womb so action issued 

D. Cysts Polycystic
These cyst lots containing liquid crystal clear. Can occur on both the left and right ovaries, hormonal disorders and related menstrual disorders. 

Women who conceive Polycystic knowable, among others:

  • -the menstrual blood out to complain a little bit (oligomennorhea)
  • -not out of blood of menstruation (amenorrhea)
  • -ovulation does not occur
  • -Barren
  • -Breakouts.  

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Explanation of Ovarian Cyst
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