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Kids Health Cares

Children are more easily affected by disease than his parents. One of the reasons is a lack of understanding on the child to keep his health.For example a child continues to feel comfortable playing with friends or siblings who are sick. A child still loves drinking ice even though he was not healthy. 

Therefore, as parents we must be clever maintain the health of the kids in order not susceptible to the disease. To preserve the health of the child is actually not difficult (when compared to care for him while he is sick). 

There are 5 simple steps we can do to keep your little one face strong attacks of the disease :

1. Sufficient nutritious food nutritious food doesn't have to be expensive. Rice coupled with fresh vegetables (not yesterday's vegetables or vegetables that have been forced open) is enough is considered a nutritious food. Familiarize your child likes to eat vegetables so that the body remains healthy. A variety of vegetables is able to provide vitamins and other substances that are good and needed by the body.

2. Make it a habit to eat Fruit almost all kinds of fruit have good nutritional value for children. The fruits do not have to be expensive. Bananas, oranges, apples are especially good for children's health. If the child likes to eat less fruit and serve the fruit in the form of juice.
If they do not have the means to make the juice then grated fruit and just take fruit exctracts. As a side note a fruit chew like a pisan and papaya can be given directly, while the Orange should be squeezed.

3.Enough rest a little child must still having bedtime day and night. Learn afternoon sleep at least 1 hour and night at least eight hours.With time off that is enough, the body can return fix him and against all disorder disease that goes to the body. Children sleep deprived usually easily fretfulness and easy to hospital.

4. Clean the rooms small periodically. Instead of sheets and pillowcases bolster at least once a week and clean his room of objects are useless.

5. Sweep floor is twice a day and mop twice a week. Thus the kids room keep clear and of course comfortable. 

Good health measures can make your child keeps awake. 

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Kids Health Cares
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