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What is Mental Health ?

The term is derived from the concept of Mental Health on mental hygiene, mental words derived from languages of Greece which meant psychological abuse.The word has the meaning of the equation with mental words Psyche derived from latin which means Soul or Psychic, so can be drawn the conclusion that mental hygiene means mental health or mental health.

Mental health is the loss of both complaints and mental disorders in the form of neurosis or psychosis (conformity to the social environment).The mental health of a person is closely associated with the demands of the communities where he lives, the problems of life is experienced, social roles and social accomplishments.

Based on the orientation of the adjustments themselves, mental health has the sense of a person's ability to be able to adapt to suit the demands of the surrounding reality.Fact assertion is here more to refer to demands originating from the community that concretely manifests in the demands of the people who were in the vicinity.

An expert on mental health, mental health definitions gives his opinion "mental health is a condition of a person with regard to adaptability, active in facing and overcoming the problem with maintaining the stability of the self, also when dealing with new conditions, as well as having a real good judgment about the lives and circumstances of yourself."

This definition contains the terms that understanding needs to be understood clearly that adjustment of active self, self, the real assessment of the stability about the life and circumstances of yourself.Self adjustment relating to the ways that the individual selected to process stimuli, invitation and encouragement that comes from within and outside ourselves.

Conformity carried out by personal mental healthy self adjustment is active in the sense that the individual plays an active role in the selection of the ways processing supplies.Individuals do not like animals or plants just reactive to the environment. In other words individuals have the autonomy in responding and adjusting to the environment.

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What is Mental Health ?
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