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You Are Not Fat, Your Stomach Is Bloated And Here Is How To Get Rid Of It!

After consumption of heavy meal large number of people are dealing with bloating. Sometimes this condition can be very unpleasant and can occur often.

It is considered and many physicians say that bloating is gas which is trapped inside the stomach. This condition is connected to out eating and by making several changes you can prevent this condition.

Here are several common things that are responsible for bloating and how to avoid them:

Constipation – This condition is happening as result o trapped gas behind the feces. Increase your intake of fiber, on this way you will avoid constipation.

Smoothies, berries and whole grain bread are perfect to start. But do it slowly do not consume high amounts of fiber all of a sudden.

Carbohydrates – Ignore alcohol, sugar and starch. Find and stick to low- carb diet. If they are not processed properly they always cause bloating. Consume blended fruits, berries and vegetables.

Stress – If you are exposed to high levels of stress, bloating will occur and stomach pain will happen. Consume healthier ingredients, drinks and find way to properly de- stress yourself in every situation.

Water – By not consuming large amounts of water daily, you can provide many diseases and health issues to your body. Coffee and sugar can be the biggest triggers for dehydration. Bloated stomach is sign of fluid retention and fluid retention happens due to fluid storage inside the body. Take plenty of water daily at least six – eight glasses.

Eating fast – Do not eat fast. Go on the slow road. Digestion issues are happening if you eat faster and do not chew your food. Take small bites and enjoy your meal.


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You Are Not Fat, Your Stomach Is Bloated And Here Is How To Get Rid Of It!
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